Ein Praktikumsbetrieb: Lufthansa InTouch Brno


Lufthansa in Brno stellte erstmalig Praktikumsplätze für zwei tschechisch-deutsche Schülerpaare zur Verfügung. Frau Marta Jarošová und Frau Andrea Blažkovávon Lufthansa Brno nahmen an der Feedback-Runde am letzten Tag teil und beantworteten unsere Fragen.

Peter Kaspar: You are from Lufthansa Brno. Is it a booking office?

Marta Jarošová: Yes, we are a customer service center. So, basically, if you need to change your reservation or book another flight or something like that then you call us and we help you. We serve quite a lot of regions throughout Eastern Europe, mainly.

Peter Kaspar: What were your experiences with the four interns?

Andrea Blažková: They did a really great job, and I am happy to see they enjoyed themselves. We really liked it because now they have a real overview of what our work is. They could hear a Skype job interview. I presented them how to write a successfulcurriculum vitae and also they worked on tasks we will see later on in the presentation.

Marta Jarošová: They were really asking questions enthusiastically, they were really interested and wanted to find things out, so it was good to cooperate with them.

Andrea Blažková: I really enjoyed it as well.

Peter Kaspar: What was your motivation to accept these students as interns?

Marta Jarošová: For us it is really good to talk to them about Lufthansa, to show the position, to make ourselves known as a customer service center in Brno, as a potential employer for people who speak foreign languages. If they present us very well then it is good for us.

Andrea Blažková: And also after school, they can use their languages also in Brno. Lufthansa is a big company.

Peter Kaspar: Thank you very much, and I sincerely hope that you will be able to accept another group of students next year.

Marta Jarošová: Yes, sure. I think we can really promise that.