Report about our great time in Heilbronn

Every day we learnt something new and fascinating about Heilbronn, and every day we fell a little more in love with it and its people. We visited places that mesmerized us with their beauty and history, and blew or minds with the spectacular technology. For instance, the beautiful town of Heidelberg, and the Mercedes Benz museum and the Audi factory, left us completely dazzled. Also the lectures we had the opportunity of attending with the students of Andreas Schneider Schule were conducted in a really enjoyable manner, and we found ourselves looking forward to attending more of them.

This exchange programme has given us a new way of perceiving things, and has enriched us, in a way. It also allowed us to meet some extraordinary and warm people whom we have come to love, and become aware of the culture, history, and way of life in a different country.

Everyone experiences times which instinctively make them smile, and which become indelible memories in their mind. This exchange program is one of our indelible memories.


Ich bedanke mich herzlich bei allen beteiligten Kollegen und insbesondere bei unserem ausscheidenden Kollegen Herrn Peter Kaspar, der den Indienaustausch jahrelang mit großem Engagement aufgebaut und gepflegt hat.