15 Inder aus Pune zu Gast an der Andreas-Schneider-Schule

Vom 11. bis 26. April 2012 war eine Schülergruppe mit zwei Begleitlehrerinnen des Fergusson College in Pune/Indien zu Gast an der Andreas-Schneider-Schule. Im Mittelpunkt des Besuchs stand ein Projekt zu den Folgen des Klimawandels in Deutschland. Projektbezogene Exkursionen, zum Beispiel in den Heilbronner Stadtwald und zum Weingut Heinrich in Sülzbach, wurden ergänzt durch Ausflüge nach Schwäbisch Hall, Mannheim/Heidelberg und Stuttgart.

Der folgende Bericht stammt von der indischen Schülerin Natasha Oswal. Wir haben ihn nicht übersetzt, da sonst der lebendige Stil des Originals verloren ginge.

“Making my parents agree for the exchange is going to be difficult! “  This thought kept hitting me all the way home. But I was determined to make this trip happen! With God’s grace and sheer luck my parents showed no hesitation at all! So three months in advance there I was screaming with my friends “Germany Here We Come! “

An exchange! An Environmental Science project combined with a cultural programme! Sounds interesting? It was much, much more than that! When we first landed in Germany after the never ending flight , the slight drizzles of rain, the cold mist , the ultra clean surroundings took me to a new world all together! From Ice Creams to Breads to Wines And Beer everything I could see had to be captured in the camera.

The 15 days in Germany with a group of the most proactive and friendly people sped by in a blaze. My first thoughts in Germany, in the train to Heilbronn were not fear of acceptance by my partner but it was all about the resonating beauty around me. The scene outside the train window was a fairytale setting. The proportional houses, the arranged trees and the river Neckar playing hide and seek have no literary explanation. It was outright beautiful!

The various visits planned for us, The Heilbronn City Tour, Schwäbisch Hall, Manheim, Audi Forum , Technoseum, Mercedes Benz Museum, the forest walk, Vineyard and Vinery, Heidelberg castle and all the different churches  have become sweet memories etched in my mind forever. The individual shopping trips with Ruby and Özlem ,  Tripsdrill, the luncheon at Özlem’s house and Lake Constance have memories on which I could probably write stories.  Finding and sending postcards to all my family members and friends was a hefty task but they were the best souvenirs I could have ever given them.

The main focus of the exchange was the Environmental Science project which all students did on Global Warming. Working together with my partner, understanding her view on many sensitive world topics made me understand her and respect her views and also change mine a great deal.

The people of Germany are frank, and that is honestly their best quality. They never keep you in double minds, and that eased off a lot of pressure from me.  The punctuality is greatly recommendable!  In India people work on hour figures and in Germany it’s seconds!  It was quite difficult to cope but it was the best thing I learnt on the program!  The cultural night, dinner party, project work got us together and gelled us in a way, by which, we are going to be attached together forever.

The Food! All my friends and family were so worried about my diet! But all in vain! All the different Käse , Brötchen, Eis and Schokolade have no comparison to Indian food! Living in Germany was like living in Chocolate World! Milka, Lindt, Toblerone, Kinder are every chocolate lover’s fantasy. And I, for sure had a ball of a time trying them all out. Ruby’s Käsespätzle had won me over in the first day itself.

The teachers have been so friendly and open that it was so easy to go up to them and ask them any doubts or questions. Mr. Kaspar, you are officially the best guide ever ! J

The culture of Germany is quite different but is equally interesting! The differences in culture were clear but they were not of importance as I came to Germany to learn the Culture! Language often played barrier but someone or the other in the group always understood what I wanted to explain.

I just want to sum up this trip by saying that this trip unarguably and undoubtedly was the best thing that has ever happened to me. Sure there were a few ups and downs but they only got me closer to Ruby, her family, the new friends, the School Teachers and GERMANY! Thank You to all the people associated with this beautiful journey! And OBVIOUSLY I’m coming back to Germany very very very soon !

Natasha Oswal