Happy New Year

Heilbronn, Dezember 2009

„Teach us the art of progressing in small steps. Save us from the naive belief that everything in life has to go smoothly. Give us the sober realization that difficulties, defeats, failures, and setbacks are a natural addition to life, by which we grow and mature.“ (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

Dear friends of our school

It is always the same: At the beginning of a year we have many good intentions, but we fail time and again when we want to achieve them. In everyday life it is often the "art of small steps" that brings us forward.

This metaphor also fits very well with the record of the year 2009 at Andreas-Schneider-Schule.

For example, we have extended the range of subjects offered by our ASS Academy to support students beyond classroom work.

And if students get voluntarily involved in school activities in their leisure time, this is an encouraging sign. This was the case in outstanding projects such as the in-house exhibition "ASS-Hausmesse", in various activities of our junior and training firms, and in the exchanges with our partner schools in the Czech Republic, Denmark and India.

The establishment of the foundation "Wir bilden die Zukunft" of Andreas-Schneider-Schuler shows that we can put surprising activities in motion if we work together. And the best thing is that it is fun and creates satisfaction at the same time.

Many have contributed to the success of our work. School administration and staff of Andreas- Schneider-Schule are grateful for the strong support.

We wish our international partners and friends a happy and peaceful Christmas, health, happiness and contendedness in 2010.
Yours  faithfully,

Dr. Herbert Wolf